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We are the Mother Chapter, So we make the major
decisions, but every chapter has their own pres. & officers.    We are not
trying to take over the world but we are trying to put links of our chain all
over the world.    We want a brother that no matter where we go there’s a
brother there    we do not want guys that get a set of colors just to sit in a
bar unless the bar is 100 miles away from your house.   We came from the
clubs of the 50,60 & 70’s which is much different then the clubs today  We
put brotherhood on the bottom of our patch because that’s what we
mean, so if you have a chapter in England or a chapter in Cal….they’re
your brothers     We are NOT a support club for nobody   We wear NO
support patches. You can NOT wear a patch for any other club while in
the Old Dogs Brotherhood.   You can have friends in any club you want
you just can’t wear a support patch of any kind & you can not wear a
tattoo from any other club,  you can do all the charity work you want &
that’s great  you can go to all the events & again that’s good.   Our rules
are simple: 5 active members, with motorcycles 600cc’s or more, if a man
is without a motorcycle for more then a year he must be put on the
inactive membership & return all Old Dogs property to be held by the pres.
of that chapter, all dues & fines paid to date.  All patches purchased
through O.D.B. Mother Chapter.  Because it says Brotherhood we are all
the same, meaning that every brother from every chapter is treated the
same, if a brother decides to transfer to another chapter it must be ok'd by
Little Richard National President. If one of your brothers brings disgrace to
our colors they must be pulled,by discretion of Little Richard,& he will be
in exile to all members. If a person leaves the club in Bad standing he will
be in exile also from all members.  If a member leaves the club the colors  
& those a like stay with O.D.B. no matter what they're on,  of which you
have 72 hours to return all colors to the club officers of the Mother
At this time the colors per set are $100.00 per pack, but
You DO NOT Own these Colors, they belong to the club.
You get full back patch, name tag, chapter Patch,   We suggest that you
have a Pres. V/P Secr. & Tres.   Sgt. @ Arms, dues are paid at your
monthly meetings of which  $5.00 each member  must come back to the
Mother Chapter for club expenses, also a copy of your minutes.   We also
need the names, addresses, phone numbers, ages, bikes, e-mail
addresses of each member. What position they’ll hold & why they want to
be part of the Old Dogs Brotherhood.  We also need a group photo.  A
couple of things, one of them is property colors, I don’t know if you know
what they are, but they are for your wife or girlfriend, or both which
means she’s under the protection of the whole club, when you go to a
biker event it stops a lot of trouble before it starts. It’s an old school thing.  
At this time they are  $30.00     We also have Product patches  on our site.  
If one of your brothers passes away you are suppose to make it to the
funeral. When you have events contact the Mother Chapter so your
brothers can get involved.  When you get back to me with ALL the info &
names I’ll submit it to the board & your chapter should be approved.  Each
chapter is a link in the chain  & we’re trying to stretch it across this
world.   The Pres. Must have a verizon cell phone    as your club phone
that way we can keep in contact with each other.   Applications can be e-
ed. Or mailed in. All patches must be prepaid through the Mother Chapter
because they are custom made & CAN NOT be exchanged, once they’re
made they’re made.  One other thing is that club business stays within the
club, they could be fined & or colors pulled.    Elections should be held
every 2 years.
  For any reason a Member leaves the O.D.
 They can not join a   M.C. or R.C. or any
otorcycle related Club for  a period of one Year. All
items with the full O.D.B. Patch/design & associate members
patches & all O.D.B.  related patches  of any kind belong to O.D.
B. &
MUST be returned. You DO NOT OWN these Patches, the club
Each chapter MUST have their own liability insurance    WE ARE A
MAN'S CLUB                                                                 
Little Richard will be President & CEO for Life…….
O.D.B. P.O. Box 341 Blakeslee, Pa. 18610-0341 U.S.A.
There are many excellent    M.C. & R.C. Out there
and we are just an addition to them
, but there is
room for all.
We plan to have Chapters throughout the world.